Sharing music with friends using, Azuracast, and Mopidy

TL;DR: Use Mopidy with Iris + Azuracast to live stream your music for cheap on Here's the repo with my deployments. Feel free to fork and follow the instructions to have a self-hosted music and streaming service up and running quickly.

In my search for a simple self-hosted, highly available music service to play music for my friends, I've finally landed on navidrome for the player and azuracast for sharing the stream with friends. One of my goals is to be able to run roleplaying games for my friends wherever I am using a tablet or a low-spec laptop. So I need services that run somewhere in the cloud. By using navidrome, I can grab free apps like Substreamer to connect to my personal music library.

Substreamer is great because I can make select albums or playlists available offline, limiting my bandwidth usage.

If I'm on an iPad, I can stream from Substreamer to Azuracast using the IziCast app. Basically, IziCast provides a way of connecting to any Icecast server.

Tired of hearing the word "cast"? Same.

One downside of this approach is having to use an external audio loopback device to route my device audio. It's clunky and expensive. So I've opted to use Mopidy with the Iris frontend instead. In this case, Mopidy connects directly to Azuracast; no intermediary device or software required. Win!

I'm deploying all of this on the excellent platform. Their free tier is quite generous. Azuracast needs more resources than that unfortunately, so I'm using a beefier instance. In order to mitigate the expense, I've set up a GitHub action to scale down all instances every night at midnight. By adding workflow_dispatch to the action, I can trigger it manually. By adding an input dropdown allowing start and stop values, I can start or stop the instances at will.

In the future, I suspect machines will allow auto-scaling based on requests. Looking forward to that!

Since my music exists locally, I needed to tell to build locally only, then push the built images up. This seemed a lot more resilient than having it push up the docker context before building remotely. The downside is long upload times since the entire music library is being bsked in to the docker image. Bit of a tradeoff. I could probably set up syncthing, or curl a tar from an S3 bucket, but that seems less fun to me for now.

Re: azuracast, since it uses a few different internal paths for storage and does not currently allow multiple volume mounts, we resort to copying a copyright-free track to the station media directory every time the app boots up, i.e. after a new deploy. One caveat here is that we have to manually restart broadcasting after every new deploy or machine restart. Kind of a bummer, but not a huge deal.

restart broadcasting

Lastly, in order to avoid opening public ports, I'm running every container with a tailscale sidecar process. This allows only me to access Mopidy and Navidrome while locking it down for everyone else.

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